İzmir Conference

Hüseyin Özer, the owner of the popular Sofra restaurant chain based in London, the capital city of England met with the youth in a conference titled "Entrepreneurship Dream", arranged in collaboration with Association of Turkish-British Journalists (ATBJ) and Izmir University of Economics Alumni Association, where he advised them to be honest in the business world.

Hüseyin Özer came to İzmir from London for the conference titled "Entrepreneurship Dream" and addressed about 600 students. In the story of entrepreneurship, he pointed out that he made his biggest decisions in a coal bunker and said "“Where you are and what situation you are in does not matter. What matters is that you put your decisions in action and your determination on this".


Hüseyin Özer stated that he was glad to meet the students with brilliant entrepreneurship ideas during the conversation between IUE students and graduates and said “I am impressed by the entrepreneurship spirit that the executive board of the Izmir University of Economics Alumni Association have, despite their young age. The dish presentations prepared by the students of Department of Culinary Arts and Management were definitely promising. This was my first conference in Izmir. I will return to London with many nice memories and stronger ties to the youth of my country.”

He emphasized that the meeting with Izmir University of Economics Students and Graduates was very productive for him. The students of Department of Culinary Arts of the University prepared a special lunch for him. He chatted about world cuisines and attracted great attention as well.


Prof. Dr. Tunç Baltacioglu, the Rector of the University of Economics said that it was an honour to host such a successful businessman who represents his country like Hüseyin Özer. The Dean Baltacioglu stated that Özer's restaurants were functioning as a training school with the aim of providing students with occupation and that he was very glad about it and expressed that they wanted Hüzeyin Özer to be their guest again."